Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's Christmas!!

So we seem to be here again already! Christmas is here and so is all the fun that comes with it. It's a great time of year especially with the kids who get so excited about it all like putting up the decorations and opening their advent calendars. From a sporting perspective things have been going great so far. I have completed nearly 8 weeks of winter training now and have seemed to build up to a nice volume and being very consistent. I also managed to complete my British Triathlon Level 1 Coaching qualification which is pretty cool and adds another option to my triathlon life to now start to do some coaching. I have got back to some good consistent running and am slowly building up my run volume and hopefully getting over all the problems I had towards the end of the racing season. I have done some good work on run form and technique incorporating a lot of drills and working on my cadence with a metronome. I have been fairly consistent in the pool again doing good drill sessions and good some good bike work done albeit primarily indoors due to our lovely dark and windy mornings.

Lisa and poppy getting covered in fake snow. 

Trying the ice skating as well. I happily sat out of this one. 

Sporting highlight of the winter so far definately has to be the local Chase the pudding run. A local charity event organised by Bustinskin Tri Club for British heart foundation where a bunch of people dressed as Santa chase a lonely Christmas pudding. With no one else around it was down to me to lace up my shoes and be the pudding! A small head start and in the rain and wind we set off down weymouth beach me ahead in a large foam pudding costume being chased down by 150 hungry Santa's!! It was a tough run and I was caught by just 1 who now takes on the important job of next years pufding. A quality morning and  with Maecee also running for the first time we went out afterwards for some well deserved lunch! 
Coming in with the winner 

Photos with some of the kids

My training has been planned so Christmas week is my recovery week. A few days off chilling with the family and no work are going to be very nice indeed and I can't wait to indulge in Christmas dinner! We're going away for butlins for a few days for new year as well echo in sure will be a lot of fun and will leave me ready and rating to go to step up the training a little come January. My race plan for the year is starting to come into some kind of shape and looks good and I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some more good training. First we have to see what Father Christmas is going to bring for us all and enjoy the delights of Christmas. 

Merry Christmas.