Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Crazy Few Weeks Pt 1

So it's been a while since I have written anything on here and what a few weeks it has been. After a promising start to the season with my result at the Bustinskin Osprey Sprint and our break at Butlins I got stuck back into training for a couple of weeks. Nothing particularly special just some fairly good work. I did run my first stand alone 10km run race. The RMPAC Round the rock 10k, having already ran that morning and done a couple of hours on the bike I set out fairly conservatively but soon found myself feeling quite good. I pushed on a bit and started reeling in those who had gone out quicker than me. Being a fairly hilly race I knew that there was a couple of mile drag of uphill to take you to about the 5 mile point where it headed down for home. It was here where I managed to catch a couple more people staying strong and heading for the finish. I came in with a time of 39.07 and 5th on the night. Pretty happy with that although not going to be a threat to Mo Farrah anytime soon it definitely shows progress in my running. 

Next event was the steyning triathlon in West Sussex. An event I was hoping to use in the build up to France as a bit of a test run. Unfortunately I missed my long ride the weekend before so played a bit if catch up in the week leading up to it with some bigger training later on in the week than I would have preferred. After a shorter session on the Saturday I was feeling a little tired and with some fairly sore legs. Compression gear on and we set off for Sussex on Saturday morning, after a Little wander round Brighton we went to our hotel for the night and settled in. Sunday morning was a bit of a rush to get up and all the kids ready and off to he race venue on time but we made it, I registered, racked my bike, changed and headed for poolside all fairly quickly! On poolside we are informed that for our 800m swim there will be no tumble turns, for someone with a swimming background who never does anything else this was not what I wanted to hear. I set off on my swim and settled into a steady pace quite quickly, turning was interesting but I got it done as best I could. 

Through T1 and after nearly landing squarely into my rear whh on mounting it was out onto the rolling bike course. Feeling alright I pushed on hoping to get some time on the competition and although never felt fantastic was relatively strong throughout. Back into T2 a d clicking the second fastest bike split of the day a set out on the run. Again transitions need refining but I set out feeling alright. Down through the town and too the bottom turn things were going well. Round the turn and up a short hill and we heAded back through the town and out the top to the next turn. The road went up and not knowing the course i wasnt sure how long it would last.  It kept going and going and my legs were definitely feeling it now. After what seemed like forever the turn came into view but still took a few minutes to  actually get there. Round the turn and back down the hill, never as easy as it seems to run fast downhill and up the last final small hill into the finish. Crossing the line I heard that I had the fastest time so far but still with some good guys out on course. In the end I dropped to 4th frustratingly only 2 seconds of third place and a podium spot! Overall a good race and definately a learning experience. Really brings home how important getting all the basics and the little things really is and how much of an effect it can make on th outcome. 
On the bike course

Running into the finish line. 

After the steyning race it was back into training on the Tuesday. I got up and did a 90 minute run first thing but felt a bit rubbish and struggled through the rest of the morning. Feeling better in the afternoon I decided to go and do the CC Weymouth 25 mile time trial. Having done it twice last year and posting a best time of 1h41seconds I was excited to see if the winter training had paid off and if I could break the hour mark. Setting off there was a slight wind but nothing major and I felt quite good going through half way well on target to beat my PB. Pushing hard all the way through the second half I finished in a time of 57minutes 41 seconds taking exactly 3 minutes off my time. Definately chuffed with that and just shows that training pays off! Definately think there is a bit more in the tank to go quicker and will try and get back later in the year to do it again. 

In full TT mode