Friday, 19 October 2012

2012 part 1

2012 was a year that for the main part was focused on one thing, Challenge Copenhagen. Once my entry was in at the end of January all the other races didn't matter so much but finishing my first iron distance race was everything. In march I races an early season pool sprint in the pouring rain and had an encouraging 4th place despite having knee pains on the run.

Unfortunately these pains persisted and after a physio trip IT Band issues were diagnosed. With so targeted exercises and foam rolling I built my running back up slowly. Unfortunately no in time for my next race in ring wood in April. This was my worst race to date but ironically one where I learned a lot about pacing and about racing.

After a disappointing race I moved on to a local sprint and my first triathlon a year ago. Knowing the course and having got a set of SRAM s60 wheels the day before I chanced it with them and had a good race coming away with 2nd overall and first in my age group. A promising result which showed my swim-bike strength but where I got caught on the run.

A couple of weeks later I went to Tiverton for the exe valley sprint race, one in which my brother and sister in law were both racing and I wanted to out together a good race. With a solid swim coming out with the leaders of the last wave three of us went to the front on the bike and pushed it on. After the turn I made an effort to break free a bit as I wasn't confident I'm my run but wasn't successful coming into transition only a handful of seconds in front. Unfortunately I was quickly clear that I would not be racing for the win but hanging on for third which I did and was very pleased with. A good race but a theme developing with a strong swim bike and not so strong run.

After Exeter there was a few weeks with nothing planned so some solid ironman training was planned. Although none of my training was scientific or probably well planned due to zero experience I did manage a good century ride and a certain amount of running.